Karin Boye - Chronology

1900 K.B. was born on the 26th of October, l900.
The family lived in Gothenburg, Vasaplatsen 11.
1901 The family moved to Viktoriagatan 24, Gothenburg.
1903 Her brother, Sven, was born on the 17th of January, 1903.
1904 Her brother, Ulf, was born on the 12th of August, 1904.
  Karin went to Hall's junior school.
1909 The family moved to Stockholm, first to Upplandsgatan, later to Karlbergsvägen 43B.
Karin went to Åhlinska skolan.
In Stockholm she was awarded the first prize in a magazine competition about a picture story for children.
She took piano lessons and wrote poems at the early age of l0.
1915 The family moved to Villa Björkebo, Huddinge.
1918 Karin wrote a book in block letters to her grandfather on his 70th anniversary containing poems and legends.
She wrote a good deal of poetry, short stories and plays, made drawings and painted water-colours.
1920 K.B. took her "student examen" and then spent one year at the folk high-school college of education in Stockholm.
1921 After she had passed her examination at the college she moved to Uppsala, where she studied Greek, Scandinavian languages and literary history.
  During the period in Uppsala Karin was a member of Clarté.
She was also active in a small group of students , called the Poets' Corner.
Karin gave talks and wrote articles, for instance in Ergo, a student periodical.
1922 "Clouds" collection of poems.
1924 "Hidden Lands" collection of poems.
1925 Karin made her famous spring speech to the students in May 1925.
1926 Karin passed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Uppsala.
Karin moved back to Huddinge.
She studied history at the Stockholm University.
1927 Karin passed her Bachelor of Arts degree in history at the Stockholm University.
"The Hearths", collection of poems.
1928 Karin was a member of the editorial staff of Clarté from 1928 to 1930.
Karin became engaged to Leif Björk.
She joined a Scandinavian group of students to the Soviet Union for a three weeks' study tour.
1929 During the spring term Karin worked as a teacher at the secondary grammar school at Motala.
She married Leif Björk.
1930 Karin and Leif went to Yugoslavia. Impressions from the journey are rendered in Varia (published in 1949).
Karin left Clarté.
1931 The novel "Astarte"
Karin became a member of "The Nine", a literary society.
She started the periodical, "Spektrum" together with Erik Mesterton and Josef Riwkin.
1932 Karin and Leif moved away from each other.
1932 - 1933 Karin stayed in Germany where she went through psycho-analyse in Berlin.
1933 Karin left Germany in October and moved to Skeppargatan in Stockholm.
Karin left Spektrum.
The novel "Merit Wakes up".
1934 Karin and Leif divorced.
The novel Crisis.
The short story collection "Settlements".
1935 The collection of poems "For the sake of the tree".
1936 The novel "Too little".
1938 Journey to Greece in the summer.
1939 Lyric Meeting in Trondheim.
Scandinavian Cultural Front, meeting at Sigtuna.
1940 The novel "Kallocain".
The short story collection "Out of Order".
1941 Karin committed suicide in Alingsås.
The collection of poems "The seven Deadly Sins" was published posthumously.
The short story collection "Announcement".
1949 Essays and other minor scripts were compiled in "Tendency and Effect" and "Varia"

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