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    Translations by David McDuff

    The poems below are published with kind permission by David McDuff from his book "Karin Boye: Complete Poems". For other translations see the start page for the english translations.

    The Hearths

    In the Dark
    To the Shadow of a Reality
    The two Lineages
    The Swallows
    To Someone Who is Very Young
    I Want to Meet...
    From a Bad Girl
    The Stars Grow in the Spring...
    Torkel Tyre
    The Carillon
    The Condemned
    The Man Without Mercy
    Samsom Sings as He Grasps the Pillars of the Temple:
    The Star
    The Grass's Song
    The Sea
    In Motion
    Of Those Who Fell Too Soon
    The Falling Morning Star
    The World is Dreamt...
    The World's Heart
    The Corrupter
    The Stones
    We Sleepy Children
    The Bygone Days
    The Water Babies
    Lilith's Song

    Copyright © 2005:
    Translation from Swedish into English: David McDuff
    Swedish original: Ulf Boye

    Published with the permission of:
    David McDuff, translation.
    Ulf Boye, copyright of the Swedish original.
    May and Hans Mehlin, Layout.

    For more information, please visit the website of David McDuff and his own pages with the translations.