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The Karin Boye Society regularly publishes memorial publications titled "Karin Boye's life and work, see "Annuals".

Prices (SKR):

Separate copies (in Swedish):
Karin Boyes liv och diktning I
Not available
Karin Boyes liv och diktning II-XII


Gift Book (in Swedish)

Beatiful gift book that presents the work by Karin Boye in pictures and kalligraphy.

Size 20x20 cm, 64 pages. Price: 200 SKR.

More information (in Swedish)

Picture postcards

The Karin Boye Society has published some picture postcards with quotations from Karin Boyes's work and pictures taken from May and Hans Mehlin's multislide presentations. The postcards are made in two ways: Single cards with a short quotation and double cards with the whole poem in the centre spread. Calligraphy by May Mehlin.

Below some miniatures of the cards have been rendered. Click on each miniature or the text belonging to it in order to fetch a magification of the image.


...när droppar faller...
10 kr 15 kr

Visst gör det ont när knoppar brister...

10 kr 15 kr

Ett källvatten är rättvisan...
10 kr 15 kr

...ty hela den tysta, tysta natten...
10 kr 15 kr

Jag är född i en stad...
10 kr 15 kr




The Karin Boye Society sells copies of Karin Boye's water-colours (for further information see "water-colours"). The scale of the copies are 1:1 on an A4 paper.

1. Svartalfer
2. Lilith
3. Lilith med faun
4. Daggdroppe
5. Furste med slavar
6. Liv och död
7. Valkyrian


Copy of water-colour:                    150.-

Poetry booklets

The Karin Boye Society sells a small booklet with Karin Boye's best known poetry.


Poetry booklet:                            20.- (New 2007)


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