Karin Boye's Statue in Huddinge

After a unanimous decision by the Huddinge Art Comittee, Peter Linde was asked to make a sculpture of Karin Boye.
... ty hela den tysta, tysta natten
är hela den vida, vida rymden
alldeles full av min enda önskan

This quotation has inspired the sculptor when planning the statue "Karin Boye sitting"..

Here we can see Peter Linde's small sketches - before he finally made up his mind on two of them, one sitting and one standing up.

"Karin Boye sitting" was unveiled on the 13th of September 1980 in Huddinge.

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Pictures and text: May and Hans Mehlin
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Björn Julén, chairman of the Karin Boye Society.
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