Karin Boye Society

Karin Boye Sällskapet, c/o Huddinge Bibliotek, S-141 27 Huddinge, Sweden.

The purpose of the society is to contribute to Karin Boye´s work being kept alive and being spread among new readers. The purpose is also to promote investigations and studies on her work and to note and encourage literary and musical production around her authorship.

The Karin Boye Society was founded in October 1983 at the Huddinge Library. The society includes around 160 members today. Membership entails current annuals in the set "Karin Boye´s life and work". Besides, the society regularly supplies its members with a membership leaflet.

Membership fee; 150 SEK annually.
Family or membership from abroad; 200 SEK annually.
Postal giro number in Sweden: 478 73 35 - 1
Don't forget to write your name and address on the paying-in form!

Many people have turned out to be interested in Karin Boye´s authorship which they want to discuss. Very often there are questions which can be put to members of the board. We are also prepared to give advice as to forming study circles and supply a general syllabus.

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