Translations by David McDuff

The poems below are published with kind permission by David McDuff from his book "Karin Boye: Complete Poems". For other translations see the start page for the english translations.

The Seven Deadly Sins (1941)

The Seven Deadly Sins  
A Form am I  
Odysseus At The Mast  
Be Silent, Have Trust  
The Trees  
How can Reliance Live?  
Christmas 1939  
Man's Multiplicity  
We Who do not Dare to See  
The Avenging Angel Speaks  
They Stole Your Thought From You  
Drinking Sacrifice  
Marsh Wanderer  
The Flower Bitterness  
Never Is The Forest Happy As Now...  
Wild Apple  
Now Is The Time Of Immense Waiting 
How Can I Say... 
To You
My Poor Young Thing... 
You Are The Resurrection Of My Soul 
Many Voices Speak 
Your Voice... 
All Things You Contain... 
Linköping Cathedral 
Prologue At A School Prizegiving 
Save The Children 
The Child 
Those Quiet Footsteps Behind Me 
At The Bottom Of Things 
Where The Divining-Rod Descends 
Thus Do We Drift... 
Those Dark Angels... 
After Death 

Copyright © 2005:
Translation from Swedish into English: David McDuff
Swedish original: Ulf Boye

Published with the permission of:
David McDuff, translation.
Ulf Boye, copyright of the Swedish original.
May and Hans Mehlin, Layout.

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