The Amazon

I dreamt of swords last night.
I dreamt of battles last night.
I dreamt I fought by your side
armed and strong, last night.

A hard flash of lightning came from your hand
and the troll fell at your feet.
Our troops closed in around us and sang
in the threat of silent darkness.

I dreamt of blood last night.
I dreamt of death last night.
I dreamt I fell by your side
with a mortal wound, last night.

You never even noticed that I fell.
So grave was your mouth.
With steady hand you held your shield
and went upon your way.

I dreamt of fire last night.
I dreamt of roses last night.
I dreamt my death was fair and good.
That is how I dreamt last night.

Translated into English by Jenny Nunn in "To a friend".

Swedish original

Copyright © 1997:
Translation from Swedish into English: Jenny Nunn

Published with the permission of:
Jenny Nunn, translation.
May and Hans Mehlin, Layout.